K'Ho Coffee - 250 gram


Trekker Café would like to invite you to try the specialty coffee made in the fields of Lang Biang Mountain and named after the very ethnicity who produced it: K'Ho.

It is 100% pure Arabica from a farmer cooperative and coffee roaster in the central highlands of Vietnam, from the homeland of the K'Ho family, growing coffee over many generations. The unique Arabica varieties in high attitude growing regions with selective processing make K'Ho Coffee some of the best quality coffee beans available in South East Asia.

When you get your daily cup of coffee direct from the farmers, you will make a difference in the farming community. 

It's more interesting that you can enjoy coffee in the ancient atmosphere of Trekker Café inspired from K'Ho cultural symbols located in Sai Gon, Vietnam's most modern cities. Our passionate Barista will cater for you needs with V60 dripper or Aeropress, offering a variety of flavors and the endless tales regarding the highland legends if you are in the mood for some stories.


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